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"Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you ...  We had such a wonderful time Wednesday night and the food was delicious!  Thank you so much for helping to make it special for our family."   ~Laura Beth Osborne


"Chef Guna not only makes a delicious meal but took all the stress out of trying to get reservations for our large group of family and friends.. unlike hit or miss restaurants, every single dish that Chef prepared was delectable. There was plenty to serve everyone and even seconds. His pricing is very reasonable and his communication, including providing sample menus, invoicing, and service are very professional too." ~Louisa Mayfield


"My family and I discovered Chef Guna's gift and skills over a year ago, and we have since made sure that we experience his food as often as we can!  Guna prepares fresh, authentic, flavorful and beautiful dishes every time. He brings with him jars of carefully selected spices and turns chicken, lamb, fish and more into delights.  It is actually an amazing and artful experience to watch him cook in the kitchen.  I have learned a lot from watching him already.  I recommend ordering from Chef Guna, and if you can, have him give you a cooking lesson. Either way you will love each and every dish." ~Pascale Parker


"We have had the pleasure of many meals being prepared in our home by Chef Guna, as well as a wonderful cooking lesson for our 'neighborhood friends' taught by Chef Guna.  He has a large variety of cooking styles, menu options, but every dish is unique, authentic, and delicious.  His zest for not only cooking, but presenting each dish in it's own unique fashion, is quite apparent.  You eat with your eyes first...and his dishes certainly set the perfect stage for wonderful and delicious meals." ~Lenae and Kevin Scroggins


"Guna is outstanding! Literally, every dish was something unique and even more delicious than the last. The amount of love, expertise, and fun he brings is the atmosphere!" ~Nate Tauferner (Real Estate with Nate)


Our experience with Chef Guna was amazing! We hosted a private dinner at our home for family and friends and Chef Guna created a fabulous Asian fusion buffet. Every single dish was delicious, and beautifully presented. You can taste his talent and love for cooking in every bite! Chef Guna brought all the food and items needed for preparation with him, and we even had leftovers. We would absolutely recommend Chef Guna and will definitely do this again!" ~Lesley Wilson


"Guna has cooked for us on several occasions here at our home in NZ both for my husband and myself and when we have had guests and friends staying.  The wide variety of dishes that Guna has made for us has been outstanding.  He uses organic fresh produce, a wonderful array of herbs and spices which he specially sources locally.  The food is so delicious, each mouthful is an absolute delight to your taste buds you can taste the layers of flavours throughout the food. 

Guna is also very professional in making sure the whole experience of enjoying his food is achieved even down to making sure the table is dressed properly.  We can’t speak highly enough of Guna and the amazing food experience he creates."  ~John and Ginny Jones

"Oh my god. We were in a food coma! Everything is so amazing! Guna is the man! I had leftovers twice... my whole family loved it!" ~ Cale Moore

"Wow. Amazing. Guna, the tofu tasted like out of this world good. And Daal and Raita. And Biryani... OMG thank you so much. It's all very delish. Nothing like you will find anywhere near. Not even Houston. Very light and yummy. Thank you thank you." ~ Priti Cox

"Chef Guna pays attention to tiny details to ensure that his dishes are cooked to perfection and meticulously presented. He is definitely one-of-a-kind and goes extra miles to perform better than the best! Keep thriving, Chef Guna! Looking forward to your delicious cooking :)." ~ Shamini Prithivi Raj

"I had the pleasure of enjoying several of Chef Guna's delicious dishes while attending a private dinner.  The food was fresh, delicious and had such nice presentation.  The spice level was perfect.  The dishes were also creative and each had their own appeal.  I highly recommend dining with Chef Guna.  You won't be disappointed." ~ Ashlynn Williams

"One of the highlights of my recent trip to Malaysia was meeting Chef Guna as he created a wonderful private dinner for my friend and me.  Working at a small poolside restaurant on the island of Langkawi, he prepared a meal of saffron seafood, butter rice and stir-fried vegetables that was incredible.  Everything was cooked and seasoned to perfection.  Chef Guna uses only the best and freshest ingredients and pays attention to every detail.  Even though we dined al fresco, the table setting was meticulous, and Guna, personable and charming, treated us like royalty.

So impressed was I that I returned for several dinners at the restaurant, and, whether Asian, European or fusion, each was outstanding.  Guna’s reputation attracts tourists and locals, some of whom travel from the mainland just to enjoy his famous Friday night dinners.  If you ever dine with Chef Guna you will agree that he is simply the best." ~ Karin Sloan

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