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Services Offered

Cooking Classes




Southern Indian



  • 2-hour in-home cooking classes

  • Vegetarian options available

  • Minimum 2 dishes: rice or noodles + veggie or meat

  • Pricing options vary

  • Mix & Match Cuisines for Fusion Class

  • Catering / Private Dinners

    Custom Meal Boxes / Family Style Meals for Delivery

    Private Dinners: Buffet or Table Setting

    • Various cuisine options available

    • Vegetarian options available



    • Custom Meals / Family Style Meals for Delivery

      • Consider a custom lunch or dinner for your next business meeting or personal gathering. 

      • Family-style meals are a great option for an evening meal or add to your next private.

    • Private Dinners Catered at Your Location

      • Buffet: Minimum 10 people; custom menu options cooked on-site, buffet serving setup and kitchen clean-up included. 

      • Table setting: 2 to 12 people; custom menu options available cooked on-site, serving setup and kitchen clean-up included.

      • Pricing options vary

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